Accessibility & Usability

Designing products, inventing new things and building businesses requires great talent, passion and a sense of duty. But those skills are (mostly) not applicable across disciplines - and it does especially not qualify for designing & building websites & shops. We specialized in the delicate art of taking customers on an immersive journey through the products and craftsmanship of your business presented online.

"If you do not notice, it is well designed."
Robert Zierhofer
Head of UX and Accessibility

Yes, we can

blend behavioral science and user-focused design …

.. and
create digital products with user interfaces that are delightful to use
.. and
conceptualize a CX strategy with branding, UX and service design
.. and
create products and experiences that facilitate digital transformation
.. and
represent your company’s brand(s) the way people should see them
.. and
provide full-stack solutions including development, testing and other related domains


Stuff we Did

Delivered by Onedrop

MAC Jeans

External fulfillment at its best combined with operations monitoring and ongoing support in which artificial intelligence provides the personalized shopping experience.

Delivered by Onedrop


A Shopware 6-based multi-platform solution for Germany's leading e-mobility provider including extensive monitoring, middleware for rolling out new instances, PIM implementation and connection to a new ERP.

Delivered by Onedrop, adit

Riserva Privata

Do not look for a needle in a haystack, but choose one of the best. This is the credo of Riserva Privata wine mail order whose assortment is selected with the highest standards of quality and sustainability.

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