AI Integration and Training

AI systems are trained primarily on public data from the internet, while the most relevant and valuable data is proprietary and inside your organization. Together, we can build upon existing AI foundation models, trained on public data and add your proprietary data to create your unique AI systems, delivering value like no other model could. Like the transition from analog to digital assets, more and more organizations are approaching the transition from digital assets to AI to capture ever increasing value.
“AI is growing much faster, than competent people are available to provide guidance and explanations. But when you cut through the hype, there is still some magic to be found.”
Jonathan Rahn
Head of AI (42DIGITAL GmbH)

Yes, we can

develop proprietary AI/ML systems based on your data

.. and
brief you on the possibilities of AI/ML
.. and
analyse your current workflows to evaluate feasibility of AI solutions
.. and
curate and transform your training-data
... or
actually train your AI/ML models
... and
deploy and monitor inference
... and
integrate it into your application and channels


Stuff we Did

Delivered by 42DIGITAL

mobilezone Deutschland

mobilezone is a leading independent provider of technology products and mobile services. They cover the B2C sector with brands such as Sparhandy, DEINHANDY, Handystar, HIGH and SIGA as well as the B2B sector with mobilezone handel. At mobilezone, more than 400 employees work at five locations (and remotely) in Cologne, Bochum, Münster, Mühlheim am Main and Heilbronn.

Delivered by 42DIGITAL


The event and concert ticket store is one of the largest official ticket providers in Germany. The online ticket portal has been selling tickets for a large selection of events since 2014, primarily in the areas of rock/pop, festivals, classical music, pop and folk music and family entertainment.

Delivered by 42DIGITAL offers access to more than 30,000 stations and podcasts and has 4 million monthly users and over 24 million app downloads worldwide. GmbH is the operator of the international service as well as the regional services,,,,,,, and

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