In the age of modern eCommerce, online sales are just the tip of the iceberg of a sophisticated system of data management, which brings together Artificial Intelligence, ERP software, Product Information Systems, Digital Asset Managers, Headless CMSs and Marketing Platforms. A modern Unified eCommerce system allows all of these software to be orchestrated in order to deliver the most of what each component has to offer.
„eCommerce is not a piece of software, it’s an ecosystem“
Emanuele Bottaro
Head of eCommerce

Yes, we can

set up a Unified eCommerce store for you …

.. and
choose the right software for your company and business case
.. and
integrate it with existing software in your company
.. and
implement new cutting edge AI features
.. and
make sure that it’s fast, reliable and performs well with search engines
.. and
make it look much better than your competitors’ shops
... and
add a custom reward system that helps you increase customer loyalty
... and
make sure it complies with security, accessibility and privacy requirements


Stuff we Did

Delivered by Onedrop

MAC Jeans

External fulfillment at its best combined with operations monitoring and ongoing support in which artificial intelligence provides the personalized shopping experience.

Duravit AG - Spare parts shop

Online shop for spare parts, incl. explosive parts drawings for easy selection of the missing part. Done with Shopware and custom data integration.

Delivered by Onedrop, adit

Riserva Privata

Do not look for a needle in a haystack, but choose one of the best. This is the credo of Riserva Privata wine mail order whose assortment is selected with the highest standards of quality and sustainability.

What can we lift for you?

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