General Digitalisation Consulting

You already know exactly what you want and need? Good! We don‘t. We understand „consulting“ as a process of learning and understanding - we from you and you from us. Guess why our consultants know some stuff and can share it - because they learned it from our clients.

Costs and business value are paramount for us. All our consultants are engineers and can identify the real value behind any fancy marketing story with ease. Let‘s learn from each other before spending time, effort and resources.

Martin R. Krause, President and Head of General Digitalisation Consulting
„Blockchain, AI, Tensor Flow, NFT, Data Lake House, … Now that we are through with the buzzwords let‘s talk about what you really need.“
Martin R. Krause
Head of General Consulting

Yes, we can

explain your IT infrastructure in a fancy looking presentation.

.. and
tell you how to save costs
.. and
which solutions to implement in the first place
.. and
what all the coolest and newest buzzwords mean
... or
what technologies actually has value for you
... and
help your employees and clients understand it and use it with enjoyment
... and
organise your team and our team … as one team.
... and
take the role of product owner or technical lead.


Stuff we Did

Nanotec Electronics

Monolith web portal, PIM and eCommerce Shop with product finder and configurator for Nanotec Electronics. With TYPO3 CMS as base technology the Nanotec website can handle over 200,000 articles, configurations and parametric defined articles. 

Duravit AG - Export Portal

Product data integration with dedicated extranet web portal. Allowing access to product data for internal and external users with configurable access rights

Duravit AG - Print Automation

Print catalogue automation for 30+ language and 250,000+ articles. Fully configurable for the editor from within Contentserv PIM.

What can we lift for you?

Don't hesitate! Ask us. We like a challenge.