IT Operations and DevOps

IT Operations and DevOps are essential disciplines in modern software development and deployment. IT Operations focuses on managing and maintaining IT infrastructure, ensuring its stability, reliability, and performance. DevOps, on the other hand, emphasizes collaboration and automation between development and operations teams to streamline the software delivery process. Challenges in these disciplines include cultural resistance to change, siloed organizational structures hindering collaboration, and the complexity of integrating new technologies seamlessly. Additionally, ensuring security and compliance while rapidly deploying updates poses a constant challenge. Despite these obstacles, embracing DevOps principles can lead to faster innovation, improved quality, and enhanced customer satisfaction in IT operations.
"Transforming challenges into opportunities, one deployment at a time."
Anton Dollmaier
Head of IT Operations and DevOps

Yes, we can

implement robust automation pipelines for continuous integration and deployment (CI/CD) …

... and
manage and optimize cloud infrastructure
... and
ensure security and compliance
... and
provide 24/7 monitoring and incident response
... and
offer expertise in containerization technologies and orchestration tools


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Riserva Privata

Do not look for a needle in a haystack, but choose one of the best. This is the credo of Riserva Privata wine mail order whose assortment is selected with the highest standards of quality and sustainability.

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Whether Dirndl or Lederhosen costume, at Edelnice Trachtenmode you will find the finest traditional costumes at the best prices. Thanks to smooth Talend on-the-fly migration from Magento now finally also in a new guise and with Shopware 6 as a stable and performant e-commerce foundation. Nice :)

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The leading value added distributor for IT security in Europe relies on Shopware 6, Keycloak and Akeneo PIM for its complex B2B platform with customer-specific prices, complex order processes, central login, back office connection, centralized product maintenance and much more. The latter with specially developed High Performance Onedrop API.

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