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Say goodbye to the complexities and reliability concerns of data management, as data-first leaders pave the way for a transformative shift. They dismantle the entanglements of today's data management challenges by embracing a hybrid cloud operational experience driven by data-centric, AI-based tools and systems. This approach not only frees organizations from the shackles of legacy systems but also ensures heightened innovation, improved performance, robust enterprise risk mitigation, and ultimately, satisfied customers.

To fulfill the potential of your AI strategy, gaining a comprehensive view of your data is essential. Transitioning from proof of concept to production demands a meticulous pipeline of well-planned projects. This entails converting all your business data into a strategic asset with AI, necessitating a fresh perspective on managing the physical pipeline throughout its lifecycle. Opting for managed services facilitates a focus on core competencies, enabling businesses to grow successfully.

"Proper data storage is about creating a home for digital assets, so that minimal effort is required to use it, find it and store it with confidence."
Björn Stromberg
Head of Microsoft Infrastructure and Applications

Yes, we can

ensure a true business transformation by establishing a solid, secure, and stable foundation …

.. and
prioritize reliability for all stakeholders
.. and
elevate your operations to become a more agile
.. and
experience success in boosting productivity
... and
reduce costs by embracing this comprehensive approach
... and
redirect our efforts from managing servers
... to
addressing critical business challenges


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NOBAMED Paul Danz AG is a public limited company specializing in the manufacturing of diverse medical products, personal protective equipment, cosmetics, and consumer goods, catering to both B2B and B2C sectors with a focus on developing high-quality and efficient products while prioritizing a holistic approach to the supply chain and associated processes.

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PFLITSCH, a leading international technology and service expert, specializes in the safe routing and protection of cables on an industrial scale, driven by a passion for developing optimal solutions for specific industrial applications since 1919, emphasizing innovation, customer focus, and 100% in-house production in Germany.

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For over a decade, the live communication agency CoPiDUS, with a dedicated team, has successfully executed over 350 unique projects annually, spanning event marketing and HR marketing, incorporating innovative elements like in-the-air drone presentations, illuminated LAN yards, and AR elements at conferences for distinctive live experiences.

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