Web Development

The focus on web development has shifted from simply presenting content nicely and orderly to managing a more and more complex set of requirements: reactivity of content, multiple sources of data, high performance, modularity, accessibility. Our experience with developing and maintaining design systems for major worldwide companies means we can deliver all of the above, and then some.
“If properly implemented, a design system can make creating and maintaining a complex website fast, easy and fun”
Paolo Mioni
Head of Web Development

Yes, we can...

Create a site that delivers your message stylishly…

outperforms your competitors
has great Core Web Vitals statistics
… and
is perfectly accessible
… and
attracts the users’ attention to the most important content
… and
matches your identity
… and
can easily evolve to match new requirements


Stuff we Did

Delivered by HCE


We're in charge of front-end development for a series of projects for OVS SpA, the lead Italian fashion retailer.

We've performed detailed audits for website and application performance, providing easy to implement solutions capable of boosting website performance up to 50%.

We've developed custom layouts for OVS's e-commerce, seamlessly integrating with their existing e-commerce platform, creating a custom front-end build system to deploy the application's design system producing new layouts on a week-to-week basis.

We've provided e-mail template development for e-mail marketing campaigns, making sure that all  templates, even the most sophisticated ones, are fully compatible with all e-mail clients (including legacy ones).

Delivered by HCE

Lara Chamandi

An innovative design for an impactful e-commerce shop for an emerging luxury fashion brand. The website has been integrated in Shopify's platform.

The site features several custom animations and special effects, showing you can do extreme things even within established e-commerce platform templating systems.

Delivered by HCE

Maserati Car Locator

Since 2016 we're in charge of development for Maserati's Car Locator, an application that allows users to find new and preowned Maseratis all over the globe.  

The Car Locator is based on Vue.js reactive framework, providing fast loading of data from the company's web services. It is seamlessly integrated in Maserati's website and its suite of shopping tools.

It has beend deployed in 20+ languages, with different user journeys and search options, and includes map and user location integration. Each release undergoes web service unit testing and e2e testing to ensure maximum reliability.

What can we lift for you?

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