The value of

Your Digital Identity

Do it the right way

Culture - Process - Tools

All communication - including digital - happens between humans: Clients, suppliers, employees, loved ones. They way we communicate and interact is unique to each organisation. Your culture comes first. Then find the processes that fit your culture, then build the tools to help you.

If you buy other peoples’ tools (e.g. software), then you have to make yourself fit into their process and have to disclaim your culture.

How we contribute

We are a partner company: We partner with our clients

We can scale

Need just that one hour of consultation for a technical detail? Of a full team of designer, engineers and admins? You can get both and everything in between - form all departments - for all project.

Senior only

Rabbit Hole clients are the premium clients of our departments. Only experienced engineers and consultants work for them.

No artificial overhead

Once we work for you, all our departments and expertise is at your disposal. There are no software-development-only projects anyways, so why not partner with someone who brings it all.

Ruthless efficiency

Costs matter! We know that and we care. Cost and time effective processes and solutions are our priority. We will look and propose more economic solutions on our own.

Total integration

Already have a designer? Or engineers? Great! We want to meet them, work with them, learn from them, build things with them. 

We strive to make ourselves superfluous

It's about you digital identity - not ours. Enabling our clients to operate and evolve their systems on their own as much as possible is paramount. After all, we prefer to do new stuff anyways. 


Stuff we Did

Nanotec Electronics

Monolith web portal, PIM and eCommerce Shop with product finder and configurator for Nanotec Electronics. With TYPO3 CMS as base technology the Nanotec website can handle over 200,000 articles, configurations and parametric defined articles. 

Duravit AG - Export Portal

Product data integration with dedicated extranet web portal. Allowing access to product data for internal and external users with configurable access rights

Duravit AG - Print Automation

Print catalogue automation for 30+ language and 250,000+ articles. Fully configurable for the editor from within Contentserv PIM.

What can we lift for you?

Don't hesitate! Ask us. We like a challenge.